Teaching and Learning

At Ecokids Te Whariki is used to form a basis for your child’s learning and development.


Teaching and learning

Te Whariki is the Ministry of Educations early childhood curriculum. It is a framework for providing tamariki/children early learning development within a sociocultural context. It emphasizes the learning partnership between kaiako/ teachers, parents and whanau.

At Ecokids Te Whariki is used to form a basis for your child’s learning and development. Your child will have their own individual learning plan based on a strength, interest and or need and the teachers will set a goal using Te Whariki as a guideline. This goal will form the foundation to help your child extend on their growth and development. Once their goal has been met, we will then observe and develop a new plan for your child. This planning will continue on, building strong learning foundations and paving the way for future learning.

Your child will be provided with their own personal portfolio. This portfolio will document your child’s learning and development and experiences by way of learning stories and collections of your child’s work. These will recognise and celebrate your child’s interests, strengths and needs. We encourage children to participate in a range of learning activities to extend and develop their ideas, skills and knowledge.

Learning experiences include:
Exploration, independence, creativity, positive social interactions, literacy and numeracy.

Our high quality programme promotes and extends the learning and development of every child by focusing on their individual strengths and interest.

Every day the learning programme includes a variety of planed and spontaneous activities, small group and individual interactions, active and quiet time, indoor and outdoor play. Our professional teaching team provide children with an extensive range of high quality resources and educational opportunities to prepare them for a journey of life-long learning. As your child approaches 5 years of age, our teachers will help ready them for their transition to school, to make the process as easy and seamless as possible.


Our teaching team

Our teaching team consists of teachers who have varying interests and strengths in early childhood education and who together complement one another as a team. Our teachers are chosen for their knowledge and passion for early childhood education, their expertise in providing appropriate educational programmes, their compassion for children and their philosophy of education and early childhood development.

We encourage professional development so our teachers can continue to further their interests and strengths within early childhood education and also keep up to date with what is happening in the early childhood sector.

All qualified teachers maintain current teacher registration and first aid certificate.