Settling your child

What we can all do to help your child


We recommend several transition visits before your child’s actual start date. This will allow you and your child to become familiar with the surroundings, the children and teachers. Please feel free to ask lots of questions and spend as much transition time as you need within the centre to help this process.

Your child will be assigned a primary care teacher – this teacher will help support you and your child with the settling in process by focusing on building relationships and providing reassurance and emotional support.

Sometimes it may help to bring something familiar form home to help initially with the settling in process, special toys and ‘cuddlies’ can offer extra reassurance in these early transition times.

Remember you are welcome to call any time during the day to see how your wee one is getting on


– A nutritious morning and afternoon tea for children aged two and over
– Due to dietary requirements/allergies/needs we ask that children under two be provided their own morning and afternoon tea
– Sunblock throughout the day
– Nappies and wet wipes
– A stimulating, warm caring natural environment which will develop and foster your child's learning
– Small handful of spare clothing and footwear


Children learn through play and sometimes this play can be messy. At Ecokids we like to encourage and maximise children’s learning so we recommend sending your child in old clothes that are easily washed and suitable for active play as these will provide more freedom for movement.

Packing two complete changes of clothes helps as well – this way your child will be able to change their clothes should they get too messy or wet. Please also be aware of the seasons and send your child along with appropriate clothing throughout the year e.g. sandals and hats in summer, jackets and gumboots in winter etc.

As we provide a nutritious and varied morning and afternoon tea for children aged two and over you would need to pack a lunch for your child. At Ecokids we promote healthy eating and encourage children to choose the healthy options in their lunch boxes as their first option.

Suggestions include – sandwiches, fruit, vegetables and cheese.

For children needing a bottle throughout the day, labbelled bottles, milk, formula and breast milk will also need to be provided.

Special items for sleep:
Sometimes it’s helpful to provide something familiar from home to help settle your child for sleep times. This could be something like a special teddy, soft toy or a cuddly.