Kai and Rest time

We believe that it is important to help children understand what healthy bodies need


health FOod / kai time

At Ecokids we believe that it is important to help children understand what healthy bodies need. Meal times are valuable for social interactions and creating a healthy, positive attitude towards food. Ecokids promotes healthy eating both at our centre and at home.

Nutritious morning and afternoon teas are created on-site, with the menu created by Ben Warren of BePure. All meals are refined sugar and gluten free. If your child has special dietary requirements due to allergies, medical conditions or family beliefs, please discuss these with the Head Teacher.

Due to dietary requirements / allergies / needs we ask that children under two provide their own morning and afternoon tea and for those that have bottles we ask that you provide the formula / milk / breast milk and labelled bottles as required each day.

Fresh drinking water is available at all times for children.

Sleep / rest time

Ecokids recognises that each child is unique and comes to us with their own sleeping routine. We aim to follow these individual routines as much as possible. We provide a calm sleep space using music which is relaxing and tranquil enabling the children to enjoy their rest times and re charge. Each child will have their own sleeping space and bed linen which is washed regularly.

Special items for sleep:
Sometimes it’s helpful to provide something familiar from home to help settle your child for sleep times. This could be something like a special teddy, soft toy or a cuddly.