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Our centre

Ecokids is a privately owned childcare centre based in Raureka, Hastings catering for children aged between birth and school age.

Ecokids is open from Monday to Friday from 7:45am to 5:15pm.
We are closed on public holidays. Please note that we do close at 3pm on Christmas Eve.

The centre has a focus on environmental sustainability; we want to teach children about caring for the natural environment as this provides them with a range of opportunities for rich, hands on learning experiences which inspires curiosity and creativity. But most importantly we have lots of fun and laughter. Our vision is to provide quality experiences and positive outcomes for all children.

We have two designated rooms designed to cater for the different needs and stages of the children. Ruma Iti is for children from birth to around 2.5 years. Ruma Nui is for children from 2.5 years to school age.