What to Bring

Children need to bring a bag which is clearly named.  You will need two or three complete changes of named clothing.  If your child is in the process of being toilet trained you will need to provide additional clothing. 

It is important that your child wears clothing that is comfortable and that you are happy for them to get dirty from outside play, painting and many other messy activities.

Children require:

  • Formula  – for children who require it. Cow’s milk will be supplied by the centre.
  • School bag – a bag that will be big enough to hold all the child’s items
  • Complete set of spare clothes – three is recommended
  • Lunch box – something that they can open themselves and includes a healthy lunch.  Suggestions include; sandwich, fruit, yoghurt, cheese and vegetable sticks. The Centre will provide a nutritious and varied morning and afternoon tea.
  • Shoes for your child to wear outside, something comfortable and supportive suitable for running and climbing.
  • Special items for sleep – teddy bear, cuddly, doll etc

Summer Time – please supply a hat that covers face, neck and ears. Please apply sunscreen in the morning.  We will apply sunscreen throughout the day as required.  Our staff will educate the children about being sun smart.

Winter Time – remember jumping in puddles? Gumboots, coat and woolly hat is required to enjoy the winter weather.  Also slippers are nice and comfortable for inside time.

Home Toys and treasures from home

Toys from home may get lost or broken and may cause conflict between children, so please keep them at home.

Special toys, however, are welcome for sleep time. These are best left in the child’s bag until sleep time.