Communication is the key to a successful relationship.  Please talk to your child’s teacher or Sarah, the Business Owner, if you have any concerns or queries.

The Centre has developed a communication plan, which outlines the opportunities for you to share information about your child’s health and development with the staff . The plan also provides an opportunity for feedback on centre activities.

Portfolios for children – Each child has their own portfolio that includes photos, individual developmental plans, observations and learning stories.  Portfolios are available to take home andto beread with your child. You are welcom to include any special activities from home.

Nursery journal (0-24 months) – This is a record of your child’s day with information on their sleeping, feeding and toileting.  It is a valuable communication tool between the centre and home. Parents are encouraged to contribute to the journal advising on whentheir child’s last feed was and how well they have slept.

Newsletters – This is one way that we let you know what is planned for the following month and also to reflect on recent events, activities and milestones.  A newsletter will be created monthly and willbe either emailed or placed in your child’s bag.

Notice boards – There are notice boards provided at both entrances to the Centre to share important information with parents and family.