Ecokids is committed to minimising its environmental impact.  We will provide the children with a range of opportunities that offer hands-on learning experiences that provoke curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills.

We are developing a three-year sustainability management plan and propose to include the following:

  1. Source local products and services where possible
  2. Engage with local environmental organisations to create activities and programs for our children
  3. Recycling Station
  4. Vegetable Garden
  5. Rain water harvesting for irrigating gardens
  6. Solar Hot Water
  7. On-site Electricity Generation
  8. Worm Farm/Composting
  9. Energy Efficiency – PIR and daylight sensors, Energy Star rated appliances
  10. Green Office

i.      100% recycled paper

ii.      Toner cartridge recycling

iii.      Electronic communications where possible

iv.      Waste minimisation

By incorporating environmentally responsible practises we can provide children with a range of valuable learning experiences.  It also conveys important information to them about the natural world, and the role that they can play in sustaining it.