What We Believe In

Ecokids Philosophy

At Ecokids the children are at the heart of everything we do. We build strong, loving and supportive relationships with all our children so they feel secure in themselves and with the Ecokids team. When our children feel appreciated and safe in their relationships they will feel empowered to challenge themselves, explore, take risks and have fun. We believe that children need uninterrupted time to investigate their environment and to build on their theories about their world and we endeavor to provide this where possible.

Ecokids strives to provide an environment that is sustainable and full of beauty that children can explore freely. Our supplies and furnishings are chosen from environmental sustainable sources and many of our resource are provided by nature. We encourage children to become aware of their environment ranging from their family unit through to our planet and support them to develop a sense of responsibly for it. We believe any change is a good one so we recycle, we have vegetable gardens and fruit trees, we compost our food scrapes and the children take a lead role in this. We are developing a ‘green’ office and many other projects are underway.

New Zealand is beautiful and holds a unique place in the world. We have a rich bicultural heritage and we recognize the importance of this at Ecokids and reflect this in the programme and learning environment.

We strive for a peaceful calm environment at Ecokids. Teachers model peaceful communication and connections with children, other staff and parents and whãnau. This communication helps us to form meaningful relationships with our families and community.  Through these relationships we endeavor to bring our diverse community into our environment to enrich our children’s lives.